WAU Big Data Solutions

WAU Big Data Solution

WAU (Wide Analytics Unleashed) is a Big Data software which enables Big Data to be utilized in enterprise information systems and mission-critical systems.

Why big data solution?

Everyday, the world generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of information. Customer data, sales figures, and stock transactions flood the data coffers. Email, social network links, and instant messages spew from a billion personal devices. Text, photos, music, and video divide and multiply in constant digital mitosis.

Utilizing Wau Analytics services, organizations can utilize the data to understand their customer and industry better, which in turn helps the organization to adopt a data-driven decision-making culture and to allocate resources more effectively. These process allows you to collect various kinds of large volume data, analyse it accurately, make quick decisions and take actions in real time.

Why go for our solution?

Real Time Data – Data flows into your system all the time. The question is how quickly can that data become an insight? With WAU, real-time is the
only time.

Real Time Analytics – Search isn’t just free text search anymore – it’s about exploring your data. Understanding it. Gaining insights that will make your business better or improve your product.

Massively Scalable – WAU allows you to scale from a single server to multiple datacentres. It is built to scale horizontally out of the box.

Sentiment Analysis – WAU blend the context of big data with user sentiment analysis and quantitative data to gain an accurate picture of
the environment and market direction.

High Availability – WAU clusters are resilient – they will detect and remove failed nodes, and reorganize themselves to ensure that your data is safe and accessible.

Full Text Search – WAU provide the most powerful full text search capabilities, comes with multi-language support, a powerful query
language, support for geolocation, context aware suggestions, autocomplete
and search snippets.

We make big data analytics so simple that anyone can use it to turn big data into valuable, timely insights.

Why hire our WAU Big Data Solution?

  • – Easy-to-use, single point of entry graphical interface with visual representation of analytics workflow .
  • – WAU dashboard is designed to empower the data analyst without the need for advanced IT skill sets .
  • – WAU deliver valuable insights for decision makers at all levels .
  • – WAU allows for rapid creation and deployment of analytic applications to extract real context and value from the data and put in on decision maker’s dashboard

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