Social Media Analytics Real Time (SMART)

WAU SMART (Social Media Analytics Real Time), was built with WAU engine that handles continuous live (streaming) data from multiple social networking sources & perform intelligent analytics on these data in real-time.


Social Media has become the popular means for people to freely share information, express and discuss their feelings & opinions on events happening around the world.  It is very important to create intelligence from public data available from social networking sites.

Why engage us?

Brand Positioning – competitive analysis

Public Feedback – complaint management (why, when & where)

Campaigns – product or contest, launches and what works

Engage Now – connect in real-time with customers / collaborators

Publish Reports – compiled relevant information reports in real-time

Our Package includes :

  • – Total numbers of feedback from social media
  • – Top social media feedback
  • – Top feedback in days of the week
  • – Keywords generation
  • – Top hashtags
  • – Business Locations
  • – Locations
  • – Total shares, etc

Lets get SMART today!

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